Panasonic Viera HD TV, 24

Panasonic’s high-value small screen is the perfect treat for your kitchen or living room. With its crisp HD Ready display, high-contrast Adaptive Backlight Dimming and suite of sophisticated Smart features, you’ll have everything you need to quench your media fix. Make the set yours with the My Home Screen platform, letting you download all the apps you like to make it reflect you. Whether you’re a casual TV watcher or a tech-savvy app-junkie, the DS500 will be a brilliant add-on to your home entertainment system.
On a smaller-sized screen like this, HD Ready 720p gives delightful compact detail. Delve in the crisp visuals of this backlit display, and reap the bill-busting rewards of a greener home with its efficient energy consumption. Panasonic’s display has an exceptional brightness and colour range, so you’ll get a full spectrum to enjoy a spectacular viewing experience.


T900 Speaker

In today’s modern age having a gadget that only has one function doesn’t seem to wow us anymore.
Our phones do more, our fridges do more, our TV’s do more, and we want to keep the trend going with the T900. This amazing rechargeable, portable speaker not only lets your music sound great, but also look great! This is all thanks to one side of the speaker being covered in LEDs that light up when music is played.
There are 5 different animations to choose from and it even has
a built in ‘gravity sensor’ to detect if the speaker is lying flat or stood up.
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Sony MDR-100AAP red Headphones

The Sony h.ear headphones combine premium audio with a striking design to bring your music to life. Equipped with precision engineered components and an in-line mic with remote, you’ll be able to listen with convenience in great detail. Playing your music as the artist intended in High-Resolution Audio. This refers to a collection of digital processes and formats that allows the encoding and playback of music using higher sampling rates than the standards used in CDs. The h.ear headphones have titanium-coated diaphragm domes to deliver superior clarity. A 40mm High-Resolution compatible HD driver units to deliver authentic sounds throughout the frequency range. And they even have Beat Response Control technology which makes them perfect for listening to low-end focused music styles.
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