A five-minute guide to Touring

Authentic experiences

There are many tour operators that offer tours to similar destinations, but they all take the time to ensure every tour is unique. Each one will be designed with passion, focus and first-hand experience, and – because every holiday should be special – it should include all the places and experiences that you have been dreaming about, as well as that extra local insight that cannot be delivered by someone else. From famous historical monuments and awe-inspiring landmarks to lesser-known treasures you might not have heard about, unique experiences are interwoven into each tour itinerary, ensuring you go home with a whole host of memories, a greatly expanded travel knowledge and a camera filled with photographs.

Best value for money

Escorted tours offer exceptional value for money. Instead of travellers having to worry about a daily budget, touring offers one of the best ways of saving as operators will benefit from group discounts. You will have the chance to cover more attractions and sights than if you booked by yourself, as all the planning and travel is done for you. And by choosing a tour that includes meals and activities, you will have little need to spend while travelling. Booking in advance means you can also spread the cost, making it a very budget-friendly option.

Comfort through the whole journey

Today’s coaches have modern features such as air-conditioning, reclining seats with footrests and on-board restrooms, ensuring that customers feel as comfortable as possible. Some full-size coaches have also reduced the number of seats, meaning extra leg room and a business class-style experience.
Even tours with smaller group sizes and in more adventurous destinations are making efforts to ensure greater comfort. Accommodations during the tours have been selected with utmost care to guarantee a peaceful night, and some itineraries spend longer in a destination, meaning less travelling overall.

Creating friendships

Touring is a great way of meeting new people, and it is especially recommended for passengers travelling alone as you won’t ever have to worry about feeling lonely – you’ll always have people around. Travelling alone or with someone you already know, there is always the joy of meeting great people along the way; of sharing a laugh and a few stories. Whether you find someone to speak to who has similar interests or is your complete polar opposite, they can often surprise you with the value they bring to the overall experience. Although you start the trip as a group of strangers, more often than not you leave with lifelong friends, and you’ll probably find yourselves booking a new adventure together again the next year.

Peace of mind

If you are not used to travelling, an escorted tour is a great way to push your boundaries while having a reassuring network of supporters making the journey with you. Exploring a destination with an expert guide is the best way to gain a real understanding of a destination, and you’ll benefit from their extensive knowledge. From the historical significance of the nearest ruin to the best authentic pizza restaurant, or even knowing you need a 50 cent coin for the nearest washroom, their insights are invaluable, and will help you get the most from your new passion for exploring. Experiencing a few destinations in one holiday may also give you the confidence to return and spend more time exploring your favourite spot alone.