Got your eyes on that little black dress this season? How do you fancy slimming down in time for your Christmas party?  What if we told you that with the aid of a non-surgical new treatment that uses a small hand tool, you could shed fat in time for Christmas? It’s not too good to be true – say hello to the new 3D-lipo clinic at Kwik Tan in Gravesend, where Kent residents can experience a liposuction alternative with a difference.

A favourite of celebrities like Amy Childs and Patsy Kensit, the non-invasive treatment works by mobilising and disrupting fat cells, causing them to leave the body via the lymphatic system. It’s an effective alternative to liposuction that is pain free – with the added benefit of having zero downtime. That means you can head to the clinic, get treatment and then head back to work as soon as you need to.

The process

To ensure you achieve results, treatment follows a proven formula. First, you head to the clinic and discuss your weight loss goals with a consultant. They will then assign a realistic treatment plan to help you achieve your targets. Like traditional liposuction, there are a variety of treatments available that target different problem areas and may require multiple treatments – although many show visible results from day one.

The treatments on offer

Focused fat removal: Stubborn pockets of fat on the hips, thighs or arms? 3D-cryofreeze offers focused removal of fat by isolating and freezing fat cells down to -6 degrees, which forces them to crystallise and be dissipated through the lymphatic system. All you’ll feel is a slight pulling sensation and a touch of cold as the hand piece moves over the area of treatment. This is also available specifically for the chin area.

Fat removal: 3D cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to disrupt fat cells, which are then dispersed into fluid between cells and transported to the liver, where they are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms. This makes the treatment idea for overall fat loss, and you can expect to see results from the very first treatment. It’s a painless, gentle procedure so no worries about discomfort.

Cellulite reduction: Cellulite is caused when fat cells push against your skin. By using a similar process to cavitation, this treatment mobilises fat cells and forces them out through lymphatic drainage – reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Skin tightening: Troubled by loose skin? Use 3D-RF to heat fat cells, forcing larger cells to shrink to restore skin to its original form.

Are you interested?

Often, treatments like this sound too good to be true. However, to celebrate their Kent launch, the 3D-lipo clinic at Kwik Tan in Gravesend is offering every customer a free consultation worth £25. Come down and put their claims to the test.

With their help, you can achieve the results you want – no surgery needed. Call 0147 4504 419 to book your free consultation.