Hilary Steel

Hilary Steel is a busy woman, and loves to champion success. She is involved in running three business awards: The Kent Women in Business Awards (KWIBA); The Independent Business Awards, Kent (IBAK); and the Kent Health and Beauty Awards (HABA).
Each is a well-established celebration of the success of businesses and professionals from all over the county, and they are open to those in Kent who want to be recognised for their achievements, leadership or innovative way of developing new ideas.
“Often finalists are nominated by a third party, a client, for example, and this alone boosts morale,” says Hilary. “It’s also a way for people to make connections that can end up in surprising and strong partnerships.
“My aim is to maintain a high standard of award recipients, but also to look at ways to nurture and connect new and established businesses in what can be a crazy world.
“The awards have also been a personal challenge for me and the people involved, and we have grown year on year while maintaining the heartbeat that holds them all together. I have the honour of hosting the events and witness just how special and intimate they have become.
“I like to push my own capabilities, too, and will always try to make the events bright, fun and memorable for all the right reasons. I believe that true success comes from pushing boundaries, trying a new approach and relying on your instincts.”


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