Nest Cam Outdoor

With Nest Aware, your camera is constantly streaming video and     saving the footage to
your Nest Account.
When something happens, your camera captures the entire event from start
to finish.
24/7 cloud recording is one of the features that you get when you subscribe to Nest Aware. If you don’t have a Nest Aware subscription, you won’t have any recorded video, but you can see snapshots of activities that happened in the past three hours. Adding a Nest Aware subscription lets you review everything that happened in front of your camera when it was on – your full 10-day or 30-day video history.
Continuous power means that you won’t miss anything.
Nest Cam is designed to plug in to a standard indoor or outdoor power outlet, so it can stream and record video continuously. Other battery-powered cameras can’t do this because they’re asleep most of the time. To preserve battery life, they only turn on when they sense motion. That delay
means that important footage might not get recorded. Pick the wrong motion sensitivity setting, and it
might not record what you want at all. Not Nest
Cam; whenever it’s on and connected to Nest
servers, it’s recording. You don’t have to worry about your camera turning on too late to catch the beginning
of an event, or turning off when it thinks the event
is over.
With Nest Aware, you can go back and see the
whole story, and everything that happened before
and after. Nest Cam’s cloud-based algorithms will
do the work for you – when something important happens, you can get an alert. If you’re using an
Android phone, there will be a thumbnail of the activity to help you decide whether to watch the video.

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