The new Ghibli Hybrid represents one of the most ambitious projects for another Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer, Maserati.
After the announcement of the new engine for its MC20 super sports car, the brand now takes a further step towards its new era.
The choice to introduce hybrid technology on the Ghibli sedan is no coincidence. This model, with over 100,000 units produced since its launch in 2013, perfectly embodies the firm’s DNA.
In fact, the challenge facing Maserati was to enter the world of electrification without altering the brand’s core philosophy and values. The result? The creation of the best possible hybrid, one retaining the unmistakable sound that distinguishes every Maserati.
The arrival of the Ghibli Hybrid thus expands the Maserati range, which is now even more competitive and responsive to the demands of the market.
It is immediately recognisable, thanks in part to the new exterior and interior design.
The common denominator of the restyling, developed by the Centro Stile Maserati, is the colour blue, chosen to identify all cars with hybrid technology and the new world they represent. Further to that, Maserati has chosen a solution focused primarily on improving performance, while also reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.
The new Ghibli Hybrid represents the first step in a plan that will lead to the electrification of all new Maserati models.
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