The new Maserati Grecale SUV

Grecale strikes the right balance between versatility, elegance, performance and innovation, ensuring comfort, performance and safety.

Developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, the new SUV is produced at the Cassino plant, and Grecale is a range within the range, the Trident brand’s fullest ever.

An extremely wide choice of engines is available – conventional internal combustion, hybrid and, in a year’s time, Grecale will also be the first full-electric SUV in Maserati history.

Three versions will be rolled out at launch: GT, powered by a four-cylinder mild hybrid engine capable of delivering 300 hp; Modena, with a four-cylinder 330-hp mild hybrid engine; and the powerful Trofeo, equipped with a high-performance 3L 530-hp petrol V6 based on the Nettuno engine fitted to the MC20.

The Grecale will also be available in the PrimaSerie Launch Edition, a limited edition featuring exclusive content. Later, completing the range in 2023, will be the Grecale Folgore, a 100% electric version with 400V technology.

The new SUV stands out in terms of spaciousness and comfort, boasting an impressive set of ‘best-in-class’ features – interior space, driveability, handling, acceleration (0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds – on the Trofeo), top speed (285 km/h – again on the Trofeo), sound quality and extensive use of fine materials such as wood, carbon fibre and leather.

Its dimensions are a major factor. In the GT version, Grecale is 4,846mm long with a wheelbase of 2,901mm, a height of 1,670mm, a width of 2,163mm (including wing mirrors), with a rear wheel track of 1,948mm (and even greater in the Trofeo).

The design of Grecale embraces Maserati’s new visual symbol, an updated trident logo, which is on every new model since the MC20. 

The front features a low and imposing grille. The profile is notable for its contrast between purity and technique, with a highly fluid body featuring meandering, visual forms and its technical components highlighted by the use of carbon fibre. 

In the rear, the boomerang tail lights are inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT and fit in with the trapezoidal line, made even more striking by the coupé effect of the cabin and a finish like that of a sports car.

Inside, in the cabin, the standout tech specs include the traditional Maserati clockface. Digital for the first time, it transforms into a veritable in-car concierge, via voice control.

Everything becomes touch-based, with extreme aesthetic cleanliness. The technology is controlled from the displays. It has a large 12.3-inch central screen, the largest ever seen in a Maserati, another 8.8-inch display for the extra controls, and a third for the passengers in the rear seats.

The in-car experience is managed from the Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) Multimedia system, from the state-of-the-art infotainment and from Maserati Connect.

The in-car sound is pushed to the absolute limits of enjoyment by an all-round sound experience, ensured by the typical Maserati roar and the immersive Sonus faber 3D sound system. This system – as standard at Premium level – includes 14 speakers, or 21 speakers on demand at High Premium level.

Every journey is transformed into a unique adventure that combines dynamic comfort and an unforgettable driving experience, made possible by the extraordinary handling provided by the new, 100% Maserati Vehicle Dynamic Control Module (VDCM) system and the 360° control it offers over the car. 

The option of complete control translates into a clear distinction between the various drive modes – comfort, gt, sport, corsa (Trofeo only) and off-road.

For Grecale’s World Premiere – a special digital event on the brand’s website ( – Brand Ambassadors and internationally renowned Italian actors Matilda De Angelis and Alessandro Borghi were selected to embody and explain how the new model represents the everyday exceptional.

Also in attendance was the Italian artist Dardust, with an exclusive backing track to part of the digital event.

The engineers at the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena have worked directly with Dardust to design the in-car sound. 

The joint effort has customised the ‘chimes’ – the sound alerts received by the user as part of the extraordinary driving experience.

The new Maserati Grecale goes on sale in the second half of 2022.

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