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MMM publisher Rasa Dregva’s journey into the heart of Swiss winter magic.

For nearly 10 years of Christmases, MMM’s seasoned magazine publisher Rasa Dregva has chosen to swap the hustle and bustle of the publishing world for the serene slopes of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. Amid the snow-covered peaks and the charming village, she has created a cherished tradition of spending the holidays with her family, embracing the magic of Zermatt’s winter wonderland…

Nigh on a decade of Alpine Escapades

Every winter, Rasa, accompanied by her family, embarks on a journey to Zermatt, seeking not just the thrill of the slopes but the timeless charm that this Alpine paradise offers. Over the past eight years, Zermatt has become more than a skiing destination – it has become a canvas for creating lasting family memories against the backdrop of the iconic Matterhorn.

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Skiing adventures for all ages

Zermatt’s diverse ski terrain has something for every member of the family, from the gentle slopes that are perfect for beginners to the challenging descents that thrill seasoned skiers. Each family member finds their own piece of paradise. The shared joy of conquering a new run or witnessing a stunning sunset over the snow-covered peaks has become a tradition in itself.

Après-ski delights

The evenings in Zermatt are as enchanting as the days. After a day on the slopes, Rasa’s family retreats to cosy mountain chalets and après-ski bars, immersing themselves in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the village. Swiss delicacies, hot chocolate and laughter echo through the snowy streets as they unwind and shares stories of their day.

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A tradition of sustainability

Zermatt’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Rasa’s values. Her whole family embraces eco-friendly practices, appreciating the resort’s dedication to preserving the pristine Alpine environment. It’s not just a skiing destination, it’s a place where nature and tradition are held in high regard.

Magical moments on the slopes

“As my family glides down the slopes, we are not just skiing, we are weaving a tapestry of shared experiences and joy.” 

Rasa, usually immersed in the world of words, images and deadlines, finds solace in the quiet beauty of Zermatt. The crisp mountain air and the panoramic views of the Matterhorn provide a respite from the busy working world, allowing her to reconnect with her family and herself.

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Rasa (right) with daughter Vilte

Long may it last!

As Rasa prepares to celebrate her next consecutive Christmas in Zermatt, she reflects on how the Swiss Alps have become more than a seasonal escape. They are a sanctuary where family bonds are strengthened, traditions are forged, and the beauty of winter is celebrated. Zermatt’s slopes, with the Matterhorn as a silent witness, have witnessed a nearly decade of joy, laughter, and the magic that comes with spending Christmas in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

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