MMMarvellous Captain Tom Moore!

Our very own Robin J Brooks reports from Biggin Hill Heritage hangar.

We are all currently aware of the incredible charity walk undertaken by Captain Thomas Moore. At 99 years young his idea to celebrate his forthcoming 100th birthday was to walk around his garden. Nothing out of the ordinary about that you might say but to walk the same path for ten days, well that is extraordinary! His aim was to raise £1000 for the NHS to repay the excellent service he had received during a recent hip operation.
Since that time history has been made for the idea of Tom walking around his garden for ten days has captured the heart of the nation.

It is the intention of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar/Fly a Spitfire to honour this incredible veteran by hopefully flying a Spitfire Mk 9 named ‘Spirit of Kent’ over his house on his birthday. Obviously in the current Lockdown this will require a lot of input, permission and planning but it is possible and in this respect we are attempting to join forces with the Daily
Telegraph and other agencies including television to pay tribute to this veteran who so far has raised over 18 million (17th of April 2020) for the NHS and its associated services.
Posted to India with the rank of Captain, Tom fought in the Arakan campaign of 1942/3 before returning to the UK and becoming an instructor at the tank training establishment at Bovingdon.

Tom represents the true spirit of Britain just as the Spitfire did during those dark days of
1940. To bring them together at this present difficult time would show the rest of the world
that Britain is still worthy of the word Great.