The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to more than 50 cats spanning 15 different species.
Based in Smarden, and headed by big cat specialist and BBC presenter Giles Clark, the site is a sanctuary and breeding centre of excellence that takes a personal approach to the care of their resident cats.
Their aim is to contribute to global breeding programmes, helping to maintain genetic diversity in a captive population, with the ultimate aim of reintroducing the animals to their counterparts in the wild. The sanctuary also supports other conservation initiatives in the UK and all around the world.

The sanctuary has four pillars of ethos: Welfare, breeding, conservation and education. These objectives, and the dedication of The Big Cat Sanctuary’s team of staff and volunteers, helping them to make a difference.
Across the planet, 80% of all big cats are endangered – so effective conservation efforts are essential in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in which these predators play such a vital role.

Opportunities are available to visit these amazing animals in Kent. The sanctuary offers personal big cat experiences including Overnight Big Cat Safaris which allow you to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most endangered and iconic cats. This experience also includes afternoon tea, a 3 course evening meal and full English breakfast all served in our conservatory area overlooking the Sanctuary’s majestic African lion brothers as they sleep and roar the time away.
The Big Cat Encounter is a guided tour of the Sanctuary’s amazing cats, giving an insight into The Big Cat Sanctuary’s conservation work, and even an opportunity to hand-feed one, too.
There are Photographic Workshops led by professionals who will tutor and assist you in capturing awesome images, either in a group or individually.
For those who like to get hands-on, there are Ranger Days, which involves assisting the keepers in the day-to-day duties of taking care of the cats.
Adopters’ afternoons are run throughout the summer. Adopt a cat of your choice and visit the sanctuary on one of the available dates.
Various conservation events also run at the centre, which is open all year, but by appointment only.

Membership helps fund welfare, breeding, conservation and education initiatives, providing the best possible environment, enrichment and care of the resident cats, as well as contributing to global conservation projects in breeding and protection, securing a future not only for wild cats, but also our natural world.

With a membership, costing just £4 per month, you will receive an exclusive quarterly e-newsletter, which is filled with personal insights from Managing Director and big cat expert Giles Clark and the team, with updates on all the cats and conservation projects.
You will also get priority booking on events held at the sanctuary, and exclusive members-only opportunities, along with an exclusive Kasanga the African lion pin badge.



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